Volunteer Commitment

Martinez Youth Football and Cheer Families,

MYF is 100% run and managed by volunteers.  Without parent participation, MYF would not exist.  It is extremely important to us that volunteers and/or parents participate throughout the season. 

Our Board Members work hard and put in many hours throughout the entire year to ensure that your child has the opportunity to experience the fun and pride of being a BULLDOG, but they can’t do it alone.  Our league is only supported by the efforts and hard-work of our volunteers.

By having more parent involvement, MYF can continue to provide our youth an exciting and safe atmosphere, where they can further their competitive skills and ideals of football and cheer. Our goal is to instill self-confidence, good sportsmanship and perseverance in each participant and we hope to teach each child the fundamentals of team-work, athletics and discipline. We ask you to please volunteer at least 8 hours during the season.  If each family were to participate, we would thrive as a league!  We greatly appreciate all your efforts and continued support.


How it Works…
   For each player you have signed up, you must fulfill at least 8 volunteer hours before the season ends

  • You will be able to sign up for your shifts once the season starts by using an online site
  • Each volunteer shift you sign up for typically counts for 2 hours, unless otherwise mentioned
  • If you are unable to cover the shift you signed-up for, please try to find a replacement and notify the Volunteer Coordinator ASAP
  • Please show up @ least 15-20 minutes before your shift starts, unless otherwise mentioned
  • There will be sign-in and sign-out sheets for you to sign at the beginning and end of each shift, otherwise your hours will NOT count
  • If you signed up for a shift where the game is cancelled, you do NOT receive credit for it and should sign-up for any other available time slots

  Types of Volunteers Needed…
 Assist with morning set-up during

  • Working the gate (In the past this shift would start at 8am, however this year, 1st shift will begin at 7:30am)
  • Announcer during Home Games
  • Clock Operator
  • Inside Doggie Diner - 4 volunteers
  • Play monitor for ALL games – we are required to have 2, otherwise game is canceled (Please be on the field 15-20 minutes early)
  • Chain gang for HOME games – we need 3 volunteers on the field; otherwise game is canceled (Please be on the field 15-20 minutes early)
  • Team Parent for each team – there are no co-Team Parents, only 1 volunteer will receive credit for the season